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How To Add Background Music in blog

How To Add Background Music in blog

A lot of methods to add background music in your blog, But today we will talk about the simple way. By utilizing label you can embed a music player with visible controls, make a straight to play without a moment's delay when the site loads and include a mood melodies that works unendingly with controls covered up. Okay, how about we find how.

How to Add Background Music in blogger Blog

First of all, you need a music file, and it's not difficult to find out decent music through Google, so find out music of your own decision and upload your music at any free hosting we recommend you to utilize Google Drive or Drop Box.

Step # 1: Login to your blogger blog 

Step # 2:  Click on Layout > Add a Gadget > HTML/Javascript

Step # 3:  Now you should to add a following code into the HTML/Javascript Gadget

<audio autoplay loop><source src=http://your-mp3-file-location.mp3"></source></audio>

Note:  Replace “your-mp3-file-location.mp3” with your Music file link.

Save # 4: Save Gadget .

That's all i hope this post become useful and knowledge able for you.

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